Monday, April 24, 2006

Comments Not Showing on Blog 

Bobby commented to my previous post, and I responded, but the response does not show unless you click to add another comment, so here is the comment I posted as a response:

For me it's not about who should be mayor, but who should be
running VTA. If you remember, the Santa Clara County Grand Jury blasted
VTA's board as incompetent and recommended disbanding it entirely and
replacing it with an elected board of five to seven members.

current structure of the board insulates its members from
accountability and favors the local agenda of San Jose over any other
municipality covered by the agency. In my view this makes VTA little
more than a political arm of San Jose's mayor, who appoints five of its

My post was a reference to that Grand Jury
recommendation to disband the VTA board. It was not about ousting Ron
Gonzalez from his office as mayor. As for who should be running San
Jose, that should be up to its voters. I only ask that VTA's board be
chosen in the same fashion.

6:57 PM

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