Friday, July 08, 2005

Security Forces 

San Francisco Chronicle | Can they be stopped?:
The VTA has installed digital closed-circuit cameras and satellite tracking devices on more than 300 buses, allowing security forces to quickly respond if a driver radios for help. The VTA also plans to install digital cameras on 80 light-rail cars.

The agency also has a pilot project testing a live 'video-on-demand' system in heavily trafficked light-rail and bus stations, allowing security command workers to constantly scout for potential problems, said Raymond Frank, the VTA's security chief.
I love how these journalists choose their words when describing sheriff's deputies. In the context of international terrorist activity they become Security Forces. Images of at-the-ready military units springing into action come to mind.

Okey dokey.

These are the same Security Forces that can take as long as two hours to respond to incidents of violence on board buses. They are the same ones that, in spite of the GPS tracking system, find it hard to locate buses that aren't moving. That's if the Orbital radio system that was supposed to solve all of VTA's field communication problems happens to be working. How often does it go down? Does it surprise anyone anymore when it does?

These professionals are on the move, ready for anything. And they are there to help. Yah, right! They are good after-the-fact evidence gatherers, arriving only when the dust settles, questioning the veracity of events as described by the driver. They excel at identifying graffiti "artists", at tracking down vandals and making sure everyone knows they are in charge.

These are the anti-terrorist Security Forces that Ray Frank calls Security Command Workers. Give me a break!
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