Friday, July 01, 2005

VTA Defies Grand Jury 

The Dispatch | Report shows Grand Jury recommendations implemented
Of the 75 recommendations, 36 had already been adopted and agencies promised to adopt another 14. Sixteen of the recommendations were rejected, including major changes to the board of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, which disagreed with all of the findings of the jury’s controversial report.
Like we couldn't see that coming! VTA operates not only in defiance of the Grand Jury, but defies reality.

It comes as no surprise that the apostles comprising the board feel it is too much to give up the power they have over the funds VTA receives. The financial benefits of improving San Jose's big city image by bringing BART to San Jose are too enticing. So are the political advantages of having business support for the future ambitions of its members.

The blindness to upward spiraling costs this creates when their rigidity forces them to spend billions of dollars on a BART extension that benefits only them has left Santa Clara County with a transportation system that will continue declining. VTA will be bilked of hundreds of millions of dollars and its work force screwed again, simply for political ambition and improved public perception.
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