Saturday, July 09, 2005

VTA's 25 Year Plan MIA 

Update: Eugene Bradley of the VTA Rider's Union pointed me to the new location for the 2030 plan. The blogroll has been updated with the new link location. Thanks Eugene.


VTA recently removed its 2030 Plan site from the Internet. This site was devoted to selling the public on its long range rosey plans for BART and other projects it secretly knows it cannot deliver.

In light of recent events--lack of projected economic recovery, lack of federal and state support for BART, lack of public support for yet another sales tax hike--it is understandable that they would not want something so obviously embarrassing to them to continue to give critics a reason to laugh.
I just found VTA's page for its "long-range" VTP 2030 plan which is buried on VTA's web site...


The Santa Clara VTA Riders Union has its own analysis of VTP 2030 on our web site:


The paratransit supplement analysis of VTP 2030 can also be found on our web site:

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